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Define and implement your ESG/Impact Strategy
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We support you in defining your strategy

We support financial players in defining an ESG and / or Impact strategy, from defining a rationale and objectives to setting up tools. We offer tailor-made support according to your needs and your positioning on the ESG - Impact continuum.
Definition of ESG / Impact strategies
Formalization of the ESG / Impact approach
Creation of impact funds

Our support can also go as far as...

... obtaining the B Corp label
... become a Mission Company

We support you in its implementation

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Once your strategy and your orientations have been defined, we support you in the concrete implementation of your approach, through tools and investment processes. Our objective is to strengthen the skills of the supported teams as much as possible and to work in co-construction with them.
ESG pre-investment assessment
ESG / impact tools
Team training
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They trusted us
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