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Our specificity

Better Way is also a way of supporting our customers. In the selection of our missions, by going towards projects that really have meaning for us and by placing the impact of these missions beyond other considerations. In our support, we promote the strengthening of internal teams and co-construction work. Finally, we strive to fight as much as possible against "impact washing" by favoring rigorous and transparent communications on the impact. 

A holistic approach


In line with our convictions, we approach the support of economic players by analyzing their fundamentals, namely their raison d'être and their strategy. ....This allows us to identify the essential... their practices...

A combination of business skills and impact 

Thanks to the different experiences of the members of our team, Better Way combines investment and business strategy expertise with ESG and impact expertise allowing a perfect understanding of the issues.

A tailor-made and agile approach

Transmission / educational

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Our fund support can also go up to...
... obtaining the B Corp label .
The BIA (B Impact Assessment) questionnaire adapts to the core business and to the specificities of the respondent. For financial players, a large part of the BIA relates to the investment strategy. Thanks to the combination of our ESG, Impact, financial knowledge and our mastery of BIA, we can support you in this process.
... obtaining the legal status of mission-driven company .
More and more financial players have taken the plunge in front of a company with a mission, why not you?
As part of a responsible or impact investor approach, the company with a mission encourages you to ask yourself the right questions such as defining its purpose and breaking it down into social and environmental objectives. It also encourages the establishment of governance bodies that challenge your mission, but also your ESG / Impact strategy. 
Nos missions



Specifications for an impact management & measurement tool with I&P Conseil and CERISE (2018)


Measuring and valuing impacts in an annual report for the fund “Echiquier Positive Impact"


Support for the definition of the Foundation's impact model and evaluation of the 2019 impacts in an internal and external report, with CERISE. (2020)

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Assisting Sofiouest in drafting an ESG charter, carrying out ESG & impact due diligence on investment projects and recommending roadmaps / KPIs for Sofiouest's investees.


Support for the implementation of a management and impact measurement tool with I&P Conseil and CERISE (2018)


Advising SWEN Capital Partners on the annual impact report of the SWEN Impact Fund for Transition and on the presentation of the ESG approach, critical review of the impact doctrine.


Training of an Impact Manager (ongoing)


Accompaniment of the Sapiance recruitment agency to become a "company with a mission" and then be certified B-Corp.  


Annual high-level training on impact investing with la Ferdi (2017, 2018, 2019).

Next edition in octobre 2020


Mission on the setting up of an impact fund by a French public investor with I Care & Consult (ongoing)


Participation in the creation of an international benchmark of impact practices on listed and unlisted markets (2020)


Study on the financial performance of impact funds and how to integrate impact funds into a traditional asset allocation (ongoing)


Design of a CSR/impact strategy for the AXIAN Group and training of the CSR/impact director (2019)


Training of an Impact Manager (ongoing)

How to operate with greater impact

We assist companies and entrepreneurs in the definition, implementation and evaluation of their CSR & impact strategy. We make sure that this strategy is fully integrated into the company's operations, brings economic value and is recognized if possible by external standards (B Corp, "entreprise à mission").


Mission on the setting up of an impact fund by a French public investor with I Care & Consult (ongoing)


Mission on the setting up of an impact fund by a French public investor with I Care & Consult (ongoing)

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