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Mapping of French impact businesses, 2020

July 10, 2020

Better Way, which supports investors and companies in their ESG approach & impact, offers you a free access  new database . This brings together French impact companies financed by French impact funds to date.

The challenge for finance: after the shock, the impact

June 30, 2020

Finance that is more " positive " and connected to the real economy is one of the key responses to the crisis we are going through. More than ever, impact finance is showing a way : it is promoting new ways of investing and high-potential social and environmental innovations.

Five key trends in the world of impact investing in France

September 14, 2021

While last March, sixty management companies, federated by France Invest and the FIR1, approved a
first definition of impact investing in France, we carried out a survey of the
impact-oriented players investing in France. This study leads us to identify five trends
keys that emerge: do you agree? Do you see any others? We remain attentive to opinions on this market
moving and rapidly evolving!
In this census, we have distinguished around a hundred investment funds that claim to be impact
or are in transition towards impact and who invest directly mainly in France.

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