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Evaluate and report on your results
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Measurement and reporting of your results

We also support you downstream of the investment process to analyze your performance and that of your investments: from the definition of ESG & Impact indicators to support their collection, analysis and valuation in annual reports.

Realization of impact studies
Collection of ESG indicators
Production of ESG / Impact reports

Critical and independent review of your strategy

We can also conduct a critical review of your ESG & Impact strategy and your approach, to compare them with best practices in the sector or specific benchmarks (Impact Principles for example).
Independent review of your ESG / Impact strategy
Alignment with Impact Principles
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They trusted us


Isabelle Combarel and Julie Olivier

Thanks to the study tour organised by Better Way and I&P Conseil, I was able to benefit from the sharing of experiences of major international players with a strong societal impact on their strategies, organisational methods, concrete actions and impact measures.

The Financial of the Exchequer

Sonia Fasolo & Luc Olivier

Better Way has contributed significantly to the quality of our annual impact report thanks to a strong expertise on impact investing, a high quality of listening, a keen understanding of our specific needs and an innovative outlook. An exceptional collaboration.


Virginia Vitiello

Better Way has validated the compliance of our impact practices with the IFC Principles. An expertise that has taken us up to date on our impact framework... And some very pertinent suggestions to go further

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