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Accelerate the consideration of ESG and impact on investors and their business ecosystem

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Our convictions

The economic world is facing more and more disruption and challenges: global warming, loss of biodiversity or even widening inequalities. However, we are meeting a growing number of investors who want to be part of the solution rather than the problem: they are reinventing their mission and initiating positive steps, in an unprecedented moment of social and environmental change. We believe in the strength of this transformation driven by financial players, who are vectors of systemic change. We support them to accelerate their consideration of ESG and impact, both in their investment approach and within their business portfolio. We hope in this way to help build a resilient and engaged ecosystem of investors and companies, from start-ups to mid-size companies.

We support you in your ESG and Impact approach
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Define and implement your ESG/ Impact Strategy
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Advance your participations on ESG and Impact
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Evaluate and report on your results
Notre expertise

Our team


Elodie Noquet

Elodie created Better Way in 2019 to develop a consulting activity on a subject that fascinates her: the ESG transformation & impact of investors and SMEs in France. She spent ten years at Investisseurs & Partenaires , a pioneering impact investor. She held various positions there (investment, finance) before initiating the ESG approach and the impact of I&P. Since 2009, she has observed the development of the impact sector and has contributed to various emblematic works on this subject (EVPA, FIR / France Invest, etc.). It now intends to disseminate ESG & impact best practices to a wider spectrum of financial players and companies.

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Marion Peltier

Marion has been associated with the project since 2020. She has a long career in consulting, particularly in strategy ( Roland Berger ). Since 2011, she has been one of the pioneers in the ESG transformation of companies. She has provided high-level support to companies of all sizes (including the AXA and Société Générale groups) so that they integrate social and environmental issues at the heart of their strategy and operations. Passionate about impact, she has also worked with several dedicated initiatives (Ashoka, EVPA, Insead Alumni Association, etc.).

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Valentin Bouteiller

Passionate about ESG and impact, Valentin has been supporting financial and non-financial companies for several years to help them increase their environmental and social impact (CSR strategy, responsible purchasing, regulations, mission-driven companies, B Corp...). Valentin is a graduate of the Institut Supérieur d'Ingénierie et de Gestion de l'Environnement (ISIGE) at Mines Paristech and is also the founder of Ethickers, a non-profit organization that designs tools to raise children's awareness on environmental issues.

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